Monday, May 14, 2012

Painting #5 - Adirondack

Painting #5 - Adirondack
7" x 5" 
Oil on Canvas Board
Purchased by Michelle Van Tress

Before we moved to the Pacific Northwest, the one warning I got from multiple people was 'Beware the Gray.' It rains a fair amount here in the fall and winter (and spring, on occasion). Apparently this is a cause for concern and a potential deal breaker to some who considering relocating out here. I have two things to say: 1, I lived through 13 Minnesota winters. I can do 'The Gray' standing on my head. 2, when I experience a pitch perfect day like today and know that I have roughly 5 months' worth of similar days ahead of me, it makes The Gray seem kind of insignificant and, in the big picture, well worth it.
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