Friday, May 4, 2012

Painting #2 - Kermit Pez

#2 Kermit Pez
5" x 7" 
Oil on Canvas Board
$2 / SOLD

I bought the first Pez when Sean was very small. I can't remember now if I saw it and thought he might like it, or if he was with me at the grocery store and it caught his eye. One led to another, and another, and another. One of those silly little traditions that take on a life of their own. It continued when Molly came around, and now, almost 13 years (yeesh) after I bought that first Fred Flintstone Pez, we have well over a hundred. You wouldn't necessarily think of Pez as subject matter for a still life, but once I picked one up and actually looked at it, I thought it would be interesting to paint. Turns out it is. And, now that Sean and Molly are getting older, they remind me of that very short period of time when they were small. There will be a number of Pez in this collection. And Kermit is the first.

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