Sunday, August 12, 2012

52 Weeks 100 Paintings #29 Fisher Price American Gothic

Painting #29  
Fisher Price American Gothic    
7" x 5"   
Oil on Canvas Board 

I had forgotten about my first crush until I found Angela's bucket of Little People in a storage box of stuff from her childhood. I looked down, and there she was. The blond ponytail, the body that was the perfect shade of blue, the laughing eyes, the enigmatic smile, everything I remembered from kindergarten....and then there was HIM, with the green body and the squiggly hair and pointed nose. And then there was the dog. And the girl with the pigtails. And the creepy kid with the freckles and the sideways cap. And more. And more. Funny how you forget about things until you see them again, and then it all comes flooding back. Well, it turns out we've got a ton of Little People, and they're sure to make additional appearances in this painting series. If there are any in particular that you'd like to see in a painting, drop me a line. We might be able to work something out.

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