Sunday, June 24, 2012

Painting #14 - Hydrangea in Blue Jar
5" x 7"
Oil on Canvasboard

Hydrangeas abound in the Pacific Northwest. White, pink, blue, purple, a veritable explosion of color. I think it's a question of the pH balance in the soil. In Minnesota, hydrangeas were few and far between, and they were invariably white. Angela, growing up in the Pacific Northwest, was quite fond of hydrangeas, and so we did our best to grow one in Minnesota. We were able to, over time coax a single hydrangea bush out of the ground in front of our house. And every summer, like clockwork, after the first thunderstorm at the end of May, it would look like a 16-ton safe had been dropped on it. Trying to tie up the smashed stalks to approximate and actual living thing became an annual tradition for us. It always ended up looking like what would have happened if Frankenstein had been a botanist instead of a medical doctor, but it was OUR hydrangea. It was perfect, and to us it existed in that magical time in late May in Minnesota, after the snow banks had finally receded, and before the violent thunderstorms and robin-sized mosquitoes took up residence.

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